Air Force Bases

Atlas Missile Silo Tour 1

Approaching The Entry Located about 10 miles from Roswell, this site has attracted visitors with too much paint and too few brain cells. The entrance is a short distance from a main highway, but is hidden from passing traffic.

Fueling Area The fuel storage tanks were once located where the pit now appears. Liquid nitrogen and oxygen was stored in separate tanks. The actual missile was stored on alert with RP-1 on board. The liquid oxygen was added at the start of launch countdown, before the missile was raised on the elevator just prior to launch. A much smaller amount of liquid nitrogen was used to pressurize tanks and for other purposes.

Antenna Cover An antenna helped to provide guidance information to the missile once it was airborne. Upon firing a missile this heavy metal cover would pop open to allow an antenna to extend into the air.

Missile Doors Before a missile could be fired these heavy cement and steel doors needed to be opened with powerful winches. The missile was raised to the surface and then fired.

Main Stairway

Hallway to first blast door

The Steel Blast door is sealed shut