BOMARC Site Locations

Back in 1952, ADC drafted its first deployment plan for the BOMARC system projecting 52 BOMABC Air Defense Missile Squadrons (ADMS). Later, ADC cut the number of planned BOMARC sites to 40 (with each site deploying 120 missiles) to accommodate the deployment of 53 Navy Talos missile squadrons. The shorter range Talos received serious consideration from ADC planners for complementing the BOMARC system. In November 1956, the Talos scheme was transferred to the Army, after Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson reaffirmed the Army's responsibility for point missile defense.

By this time, ADC had already been informed by Air Force Headquarters that deploying 120 missiles to each of the 40 launch sites would be too costly. ADC countered by recommending a reduction to 60 missiles per site. In January 1957, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) backed the ADC recommendation. However, over the next 2 years, Air Force Headquarters would whittle down the number of planned deployment sites to 29.

Congressional debate in 1959 over the viability of the Nike versus the BOMABC system as defense against Soviet ICBMs resulted in the House cutting funds for the BOMARC and the Senate cutting funds for the Nike program. With both services facing disaster, cooperation ensued and the services presented Congress a compromise Master Air Defense Plan that reduced the number of BOMARC sites to 18 (including 2 in Canada).

On March 23, 1960, Headquarters, Air Force announced that BOMARC deployment would, in effect, cease after the completion of eight United States sites and two Canadian sites.

BOMARC Deployment

Unit BaseModelOperational
46th ADMSMcGuire AFB, NJA,B1959-1972
6th ADMSSuffolk County AFB, NYA 1959-1964
26th ADMSOtis AFB, MAA,B1960-1972
30th ADMSDow AFB, ME A1960-1964
22nd ADMSLangley AFB, VA A,B1960-1972
35th ADMSNiagara Falls AFB, NYB1961-1969
37th ADMSKincheloe AFB, MIB1961-1972
74th ADMSDuluth, MNB1960-1972

In 1959, the Canadian Government acquired the IM-99B model for the Royal Canadian Air Force. The missiles were eventually deployed from 1962 to 1972 at bases located at North Bay, Ontario, and La Macaza, Quebec.