BOMARC at Niagara Falls AFB

On June 1, 1960, the Air Defense Command activated the 35th Air Defense Missile Squadron. Located at Niagara Falls International Airport, this BOMARC unit augmented the Army Nike point missile defenses and Air Force and Air Guard tactical fighters to provide defense for the region. As one of the last three BOMARC facilities constructed, the base received the improved solid-fueled BOMARC B missile and thus negated the requirement for fueling and other support structures required at bases built earlier. The launch structures at Niagara Falls were of the Model IV design.

The 35th Air Defense Missile squadron went on alert in December 1961 and remained in operation until December 31, 1969.

Because Niagara had received 46 BOMARC B missiles (in contrast with 28 BOMARC Bs placed at each of the 5 other sites), during the mid-1960s "excess" Niagara missiles were removed to Eglin AFB for operational training launches.