Thor IRBM Basing Strategy

United States defense planners originally envisioned deploying Thor in Europe. In June 1958 the Air Force also began making plans to place a Thor squadron in the vicinity of Fairbanks, Alaska, but the idea never went beyond the design stage.

The United States first broached the idea of placing long-range missiles in Britain in February 1955. The British were receptive to the idea, and in early 1957 the Departments of State and Defense began negotiations to establish IRBM bases in Great Britain. Although SAC wanted to keep the missiles under its control, the British were anxious that at least some of the missiles be operated by the RAF. Under the terms of the final agreement, signed in February 1958, all of the Thor missiles deployed in Great Britain would be operated by the RAF, but the warheads would remain under American control.

77 RAE SMSFeltwell, England Jun 1959-Aug 1963
97 RAF SMS Hemswell, England Sep 1959-Aug 1963
98 RAF SMS Driffield, England Nov 1959-Aug 1963
144 RAE SMS North Luffenham, England Apr 1960-Aug 1963