Thor IRBM Specifications

Length: 65 feet
Diameter: 8 feet
Weight: 110,000 pounds (fueled)
Fuel: Rocket grade RP-1 (kerosene)
Oxidizer: Liquid oxygen
Propulsion: A single combustion chamber from a MB-1 or MB-3 engine generating 150,000 pounds of thrust.
Two vernier engines, each generating 1,000 pounds of thrust.
Range: 1,500 miles
Guidance: All-inertial
Accuracy: 2 miles
Reentry vehicle: Mark 2
Warhead: W-49, 1.44 megaton yield


Airframe: Douglas Aircraft, Santa Monica, California
Propulsion: Rocketdyne Division of North American Aviation, Canoga Park, California Guidance: AC Spark Plug Division, General Motors, Detroit, Michigan
Reentry vehicle: General Electric, Saratoga, New York